The requirement for a perfekt wheel is optimal true running and stability

Therefore P&K Lie has developed a truing stand with the target to recognize the condition of the wheel immediately. This allows methodical and purposeful truing.

The solution: truing gauges with drag pointers for the Maximum run outs. A non linear scale for clearly and fast working. A truing stand with high stability and easy Handling.

We have choosen aluminum because it has advantage compared to steel: little weight, high static stress through stiffness, high durability, high vibration  absorption und corrosion resistance.

We have choosen brass for the gliding parts because of it’s antifriction characteristic and for the wheel holder to prevent demage of the axle.


At the development of the truing stand all physical qualities which are important for wheel truing were taken into consideration. Precision and using comfort was most important.

Truing stand requirement



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