A truing stand for

professionals, perfectionists

and home mechanics

Don't be satisfied with estimated results

change to verifiable results

The P&K Lie truing stand which fulfill all this criterions:

• Clear, quick and intuitive working

• Easy handling and precision

• Quick, precise center position

• Measure the eccentricity of the wheel axle

• Quick truing by purposeful tighten or loosen with an accuracy up to +/- 0.05 mm

• Inaccuracies are almost excluded by measurement

• No readjustment

• No check with the dishing gauge - No dishing gauge required

• Easy to change wheels

• Perfect wheel-clamping

• Short training-time through easy handling

The P&K Lie truing stand offers:

• Proved and repeatable results

• Proved center position

• Constant quality

• Even spoke tension

With the P&K Lie truing stand you offer:

• Different truing quality from City Bike until High End

• Different prices for wheel service

• Verifiable results

With the P&K Lie truing stand you can:

• Control the quality of purchased wheels

• Build high-end quality wheels

• Quality inspection in the wheel production

• Fine truing on machine-made wheels

Truing stand for professionals

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